Since 1951, TA Industrial Solutions has provided services and products designed to help customers increase manufacturing production capacity and profits. What began as a desire to improve the grinding process with abrasive belts has over time grown into a broader commitment and dedication. We remain dedicated to improving your processes and providing the best products. We help our customers maximize first time yield at the lowest operational cost in the industry.

Yes, we can supply you with the tools you need to perform your work, but just as critically important, we can supply you with expertise in assessing and optimizing your process, and training your staff to achieve peak production volumes at the lowest operational cost.

Our Ohio based team is made up of professionals who focus on helping you use the right products in the right way to maximize productivity. We work with your metal fabrication and paint finishing staff utilizing a 3-tier approach:
1. Benchmark & Define a FTY Optimization Roadmap
2. Work with and train your team to maximize product finishing FTY
3. Streamline your acquisition of production supplies and manage inventories

Contact us at 800-331-0904 or email at info@taindustrial.net.

Manufacturing Production Capacity Improvement