FTY optimization roadmap

FTY optimization roadmap

paintingThis service focuses on maximizing the First Time Yield (FTY) of industrial paint finishing operations.

To accomplish this, we use a field-tested structured approach to develop an FTY Optimization Roadmap. This roadmap forms the basis of an ongoing, sustainable optimization program to increase paint finishing line productivity, consistency and quality while decreasing reworks, scrap and operational costs.

We begin by combining your paint finishing line’s operational characteristics with industry best practices to:

  1. Determine quality improvement and cost reduction opportunities
  2. Identify and prioritize quality and cost initiatives
  3. Create a tactical roadmap and budget to improve FTY and reduce cost
  4. Develop a series of milestones for continual improvement

The FTY Optimization Roadmap is:
Comprehensive: Provides a cursory look at all the major paint finishing operations
Systematic: Involves an orderly sequence of investigative steps
Independent: Conducted with sufficient independence to attain needed objectivity

This service leads to significant bottom line results by identifying a series of achievable continual improvement steps to maximize paint finishing FTY.

Plus – another benefit of our FTY Optimization programs –
Roadmap development fees earn pricing discounts that are applied to supply orders you place with us.