FTY staff training

FTY staff training

Train Your Staff to boost metal fabrication productivity and maximize paint finishing First Time Yield

We provide consultant-led training to improve the knowledge base and productivity of your metal fabrication and paint finishing team members.
Our manufacturing training is done at your facility to enable your staff to maintain your company’s current workload.
Your employees will learn specific processes that will enable them to:

  1. Evaluate products they are using to know the right products to use for each specific task
  2. Recognize improvement opportunities

Employee training is a critical step to your success and is essential to producing quality products. Our consultants provide both product and process training that is tailored to your needs. A large portion of the training is provided on the plant floor to maximize training effectiveness and impact. We are here to help you achieve the highest team productivity and product quality.
Benefits of our manufacturing staff training:

  • Increase employee productivity and resulting product quality
  • Enable employees to recognize improvement opportunities
  • Increase employee safety, loyalty and morale
  • Create consistency in implementation
  • Help attract and retain employees

Plus – another benefit of our training programs –
Training fees earn pricing discounts that are applied to supply orders you place with us.

To schedule training, contact us at Call 419-661-1400 x202 or email training@taindustrial.net

Paint Finishing Staff Training
Paint Finishing Staff Training
Paint Finishing Staff Training