Strategic Products distribution

Strategic Products distribution

TA Industrial Solutions is an industrial distributor of metal fabrication and paint finishing parts, tools and supplies.

Our industrial products are used for metal cutting, deburring, grinding, cleaning and paint finishing. We hand-pick industrial parts to distribute that outperform conventional abrasives, are safe and easy to use, minimize heat discoloration and gouging, reduce tool down time and reduce operator fatigue. We provide manufacturers the tools to achieve precision grinding, dimensioning and super finishing to meet stringent geometric tolerances and finish specifications.

Product categories that we distribute:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Industrial Paint Finishing
  • Renewable Energy

Our clients primarily represent production manufacturing companies that perform metal fabrication or industrial paint finishing. We provide industrial distributor services to a wide variety of industries including automotive, aviation, construction and agriculture machinery, home and garden machinery, and appliance.

Industrial Cutting, Grinding and Finishing Products
Industrial cutting, grinding and finishing supplies that we distribute for metal fabrication include:

3M Cubitron Roloc Discs
Abrasive wheels
Fibre discs
Bonded abrasives
Scotch-Brite Hand Pads
Industrial abrasives
Structural adhesives
Hand pads, rolls, sponges
Abrasive sheets

Industrial Paint Finishing Products
Industrial supplies that we distribute for paint finishing include:

3M Trizact
3M Finesse-It
3M PPS paint preparation
3M Scotch-Brite hand pads
Industrial abrasives
Wiping materials; reclaimed, washed, new, clean room certified

3M Solar Mirror Film
We are also an exclusive distributor of 3M Solar Mirror Film SMF 2020. 3M is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced films—from materials that provide very high solar mirror film barriers to oxygen and moisture, to precision-coated, multilayer electronic display films that are tuned to transmit or reflect specific wavelengths. We can also tailor 3M films with properties and configurations to meet your specifications for a variety of solar applications.

Product How-To Videos
Visit the how to videos page to see videos on how to optimally use the products.
3M match & finishing system
3M Cubitron abrasives (bonded wheels, fibre discs)
3M structural adhesives
3M clear coat repair
3M PPS paint preparation system

We look forward to providing you high performing industrial parts and supplies for metal fabrication, welding and paint finishing. Please contact us at 800-331-0904 or my email at

Industrial Distributor Metal Fabrication
Industrial Distributor Metal Fabrication
Industrial Distributor Metal Fabrication