Band Saw Blades

Band Saw Blades


We provide metal cutting firms with band saw blades of all shapes and sizes.

Our close partnership with Lenox Tools enables us to provide the best band saw blades combined with the best sawing support services. This unique combination helps drive your metal cutting productivity and reduce your costs.

We provide complimentary band saw blades and services to reduce your cost per cut.

We diagnose band saw equipment issues, optimize your sawing process and select the optimal band saw blades to maximize sawing performance and reduce your cost per cut.

We also train your operators on proper band saw cutting process, safety and fundamentals; as well as perform a 13-point machine checkup to confirm proper feed rates, speeds and alignments.

And all this with a 100% Performance Guarantee


Saw and Process Review
6Slow cut time and inconsistent quality on high density/high cost solid round. Multiple blade types used, creating confusion for operators and unpredictable machine performance.
Case Study steel service center sawing
Metal Fab Sawing
3­Improve productivity of saw operation; currently a bottleneck in the production process. Minimize CapEx.
Case Study ag equipment fab sawing
Experience the TA Industrial / LENOX Band Saw Blade Solutions Advantage

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