strategic supply services

strategic supply services

Strategic Supply and Inventory Management Services

TA Industrial provides unique and seamless production supplies and inventory management services specifically for metal fabrication and paint finishing operations.
We reduce our customers’ in process inventory by monitoring on-site stocking levels. Our services ensure critical supplies availability by providing inventory management and restocking at the plant, or even directly to each work cell within the plant.

Why do customers count on TA Industrial Solutions?

Inventory Management Services1. Customization: We tailor our services to your plant and work cell needs. Services can be as simple as order/ship or include vendor managed inventory at both the plant and work cell levels with consignment.
2. Focus: We work specifically with Metal Fabrication and Paint Finishing operations in production plants. This focus provides us with deep understanding of the appropriate consumables and tools to maximize operational results, and reduce or eliminate inventory carrying costs .
3. Sophisticated Operational Processes: We operate a best-in-class production supply center for multiple metal fabrication and paint finishing operations using advanced structured processes that monitor, order, receive, store and ship products on-time, damage free, accurate and properly documented.

Production Supplies and Inventory Management Service Levels

TA Industrial helps small and large companies reduce parts inventory costs and maintain critical parts availability using several levels of procurement services. Each service level is tailored to your needs.

Basic order / ship:
Production Supplies are shipped to order from our local inventory or directly from suppliers.

Customized (dedicated) Inventory:
We maintain min/max stock levels at our facility and also maintain ownership of the parts until you need them, eliminating long or variable lead times

Vendor Managed Inventory:
We are present at your facility to monitor production supplies stock levels and place orders to maintain pre-established inventory levels. This helps reduce parts inventory and eliminate stock-out situations. Your staff can focus their efforts on high payoff projects and activities.

This enables our customers to possess parts inventory but not tie up capital in inventory.

Lean Material Supply at Point of Use
This service works very well for large plants and high production facilities. We maintain a crib at the plant and resupply parts and tool cabinets at each work cell throughout the plant. We maintain parts ownership until the parts are delivered to the work cell, thus ensuring critical parts availability and eliminating inventory carrying costs.

TA Industrial offers a variety of Production Supplies and Inventory Management Service Levels that are tailored to your specific needs. Please contact us to discuss how we can help your metal fabrication or paint finishing operations streamline consumable procurement and significantly reduce production supplies inventory carrying costs.