cost reduction roadmap

cost reduction roadmap

Cost Reduction Roadmap – Metal Fabrication and Paint Finishing

We help production metal fabrication and paint finishing operations significantly reduce the cost of metal cutting, deburring, grinding, cleaning and paint finishing.

We utilize a practical and effective combination of experience and structured field-tested methodology to achieve sustainable significant cost reductions that typically provide 25% to 35% annual savings.

We benchmark current processes to determine current disc and pad life, failure modes, labor deburring time, paint masking/prep labor/tools, and workstation layout and workflow. Using our extensive metal fabrication and paint system prep industry experience, we identify and test alternative products and processes; and then forecast and scale savings. The changes are then implemented for all in the supply chain. We provide all start-up training and process monitoring to insure optimal pay-off.

Typical results: 25 to 35% annual savings. We many times will provide a written guarantee upfront.

Our engagement provides you with a very experienced, third-party perspective to help you identify and implement meaningful cost reduction opportunities. TA Industrial has decades of history helping production manufacturers optimize their metal fabrication and paint finishing operations. We can start with a one-day evaluation to establish a framework for this valuable cost reduction program.

To reduce the cost of your production metal fabrication and/or paint finishing operations, contact us at 800-331-0904 or email .