TA Industrial Solutions specializes in maximizing first time yield for production finishers and metal fabricators at the lowest operational cost in the industry.

We provide an industry-unique continuous improvement service of:

First Time Yield Continuous Improvement

Process Consulting

Process consulting to continuously boost quality using our trademarked First Time Yield Optimization Roadmap

First Time Yield Continuous Improvement


Metalworking products distribution and supply chain management for Lean Material Supply

The bottom-line value we deliver is Increased Production Capacity and Increased Profits.

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Industrial Metal Working Products

Product distribution of 3M abrasives Industrial grinding wheels 3M Cubitron Abrasive wheels Metal grinding Norton abrasives

Strategic Supply Chain Services

Supply change management Just In Time (JIT) inventory Lean continuous improvement Lean manufacturing consulting

First Time Yield Coatings Consulting

Coatings inspection Coating defect analysis, Coating quality continuous improvement Paint process benchmarking FTY Optimization Roadmap

First Time Yield Coatings Training

Coatings quality training Lean training continuous improvement training Custom team member training